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Tech Mahindra Placement Paper May 2013

category Company: Tech Mahindra category Posted date: Tuesday, June 18, 2013
Paper Description
Here you will find Tech Mahindra Placement Papers May 2013 with Solutions and Paper Pattern, which would help you in acquiring job in the company.
Tech Mahindra Placement Paper May 2013:-
Q. 01: In simple interest what sum amounts of Rs.1120/- in 4 years and Rs.1200/- in 5 years? 
a) Rs. 500                 
b) Rs. 600               
c) Rs. 800                 
d) Rs. 900 
Ans: c
Q. 02: The price of sugar increases by 20%, by what % should a housewife reduce the consumption of sugar so that expenditure on sugar can be same as before? 
a) 15%                 
b) 16.66%                 
c) 12%                 
d) 9%
 Ans: b
Q. 03: A cylinder is 6 cms in diameter and 6 cms in height. If spheres of the same size are made from the material obtained, what is the diameter of each sphere? 
a) 5 cms                 
b) 2 cms                 
c) 3 cms                 
d) 4 cms
Ans: c
Q. 04: If an item costs Rs.3 in 99 and Rs.203 in 00.What is the % increase in price?
a) 200/3 %                 
b) 200/6 %                 
c) 100%                 
d) none of these                 
Q. 05: A man leaves office daily at 7pm A driver with car comes from his home to pick him from office and bring back home.One day he gets free at 5:30 and instead of waiting for driver he starts walking towards home. In the way he meets the car and returns home on car He reaches home 20 minutes earlier than usual. In how much time does the man reach home usually?
Ans: 1hr 20min
Q. 06: On a particular day A and B decide that they would either speak the truth or will lie. C asks A whether he is speaking truth or lying? He answers and B listens to what he said. C then asks B what A has said B says "A says that he is a liar" What is B speaking?
a) Truth                 
b) Lie                 
c) Truth when A lies                 
d) Cannot be determined 
Q. 07: A student gets 70% in one subject, 80% in the other. To get an overall of 75% how much should get in third subject? 
Q. 08: If x/y=4 and y is not 0 what % of x is 2x-y?
Ans: b
Q. 09: A coffee shop blends 2 kinds of coffee,putting in 2 parts of a 33p. a gm. grade to 1 part of a 24p. a gm.If the mixture is changed to 1 part of the 33p. a gm. to 2 parts of the less expensive grade,how much will the shop save in blending 100 gms?
a) Rs.90 
b) Rs.1.00 
c) Rs.3.00 
d) Rs.8.00
Ans: c
Q. 10: A company contracts to paint 3 houses. Mr.Brown can paint a house in 6 days while Mr.Black would take 8 days and Mr.Blue 12 days. After 8 days Mr.Brown goes on vacation and Mr. Black begins to work for a period of 6 days. How many days will it take Mr.Blue to complete the contract?
a) 7 
b) 8 
c) 11 
d) 12 
Ans: c
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